Saturday, August 1, 2009

T-shirt modification

I bought a book from Michael's that showed me different ways of modifying t-shirts and I had a few t-shirts that I wore rarely or didn't fit properly, and then I went to town at Value Village knowing that I could completely change baggy t-shirts into one's that fit! I'm also making a Brer Rabbit totebag for my mum, and seasonal coasters for our Oakville apartment. :) The cat one looks better wearing a strapless bra, and I've got a little modifying I still want to do to the back of that one. And the hulk one was fun but a bit of a failure, so I'll probably just use the cool braided strap of it on a different shirt.


robin said...

hey arwen, these look so awesome! we should do some clothing modifying when you get here, i have a sewing machine we can all use!!
i'm so excited for when y'all move in...anyway, nice art on the blog, looks like youve been busy !

Juan Carlos Solon said...

The red one is the sickest! they're all amazing!!

jules said...

I made that same bag from this "Next Generation" t-shirt book. At least, it was called something like that. Love the orangy-red shirt with the ties in the back!

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